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Parts Breakdown

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Hayward Swimclear cartridge filter

November 4, 2015 Breakdowns  0

Filters should be cleaned frequently but this varies from once a month to once a year depending on filter size, pool size the environment of the pool. Filters should be changed about every 5 years also depending on the above conditions. We offer the best prices on filters in the area. Yes we clean filters!



November 4, 2015 Breakdowns  0

The HAYWARD S310T2 sand filter shown here is common to this area. Parts are available for this filter. Often the valve is plumbed directly to the pool plumbing and the lines have to be cut to remove the valve from the top of the filter to service the filter. I recommend adding unions at that…


Polaris 280

September 25, 2015 Breakdowns  0

The JANDY Polaris 280 is the workhorse of the Zodiac line of cleaners. Below you will find a parts list and parts breakdown. Replacement parts for the Polaris cleaners are available, and are great if you have broken a part on your cleaner and need to get it going again. However, if your cleaner is…